Final Web Exhibit

Your segment should be concise and clear.  Your section should have a logical title and your themes should be evident in the text.  The length may vary, but it should be no more than 500 words.  If you cannot deal with your topic in that many words, create a clear logical division and have two or more separate pages.  Each page needs to stand on its own and should not require reading anything else in the exhibit to understand what it is about.

The material should be chunked into short paragraphs separated by a space. You need to clearly indicate what multi-media content will be included and where (think about maps, images, audio clips, scanned documents).  In brackets, approximately where the content should be located, include the file name or a clear description of the material you need.  The material should be closely integrated; the text should directly point to or reflect upon the multi-media content.

For each multi-media component, on the bottom of your document include the description of each item followed by a one to three sentence caption and a credit indicating where the item is located.  Your entire segment should be carefully footnoted using the Chicago Manual of Style.

Your drafts need to be posted by midnight on Tuesday, April 23.  Post your drafts on Zotero.  For Thursday’s class, you will read and comment on two of your classmate’s drafts.  Post your edits on Zotero prior to class.


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