Graduate Literature Reviews

Working in coordination with the other graduate students, use Zotero to develop a list of relevant secondary material.  This can include books, articles, thesis, etc.  They may deal directly with Washington, DC or deal with a core theme in another geographic region.  Prioritize the list and review different materials so that we can have a large pool of sources to draw from in our final project.  You will review two books or their equivalent (4 articles in lieu of a book). Consider the reviews to a literature review for research purposes rather than an academic book review.  What are the central arguments?  How does the book deal with the core themes that we are dealing with?  Can we draw from the source either information or an analytical lens that may benefit our final project?

The review should liberally include page numbers in parenthesis so that we can accurately cite material using the reviews later on.  It should be approximately 500 – 750 words.

Selections Made: February 21

Review 1 Due: March 7

Review 2 Due: March 21


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